Top 10 Uses For Chrome On Your Rig

Chrome is used in countless ways, whether it is a sink in a kitchen, the pipes in a bathroom, or even chrome plated lights in a showroom. However, as we have said time and time again, the best use for chrome is when it involves our trucks. So we decided to sit down and debate over what the best uses for chrome were when it came to making our trucks stick out from the standard fleets. After a few hours we decided that it didn’t really matter where or what you had on your truck, as long as it was chrome, we loved it. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

10. Nut and Bolt Covers

9. Dash Toggles and Switches

8. License Plate and Tag Frames

7. Interior Visors

6. Hood Ornaments

5. Light Panels

4. Air Horns

3. Fenders

2. Wheels

1. Grilles

Flexible Exhaust Tubing and General Car Maintenance to Lower Pollution

Air Pollution

In what The Guardian article attempts to call a last ditch effort to successfully reduce air pollution, the European Union, through its environment commission (EC), will strongly implement rules regarding vehicular emissions. Janez Potocnik, the environment commissioner of Europe, strongly suggested the fining of countries who will not abide by the rules that his group will provide. The article states:
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E Track Straps: A Utility Trailer Must-Have for Securing Equipment

Cargo Trailer E track Straps

Constantly renting utility trailers for any purpose is tiring, not to mention costly. On the other hand, having your own either through building or buying one can be beneficial in many ways. One advantage is your utility trailer can be made for the specific purpose it will be used for. It can also be custom-fitted with specific E Track straps to secure your equipment during travel.
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