‘Cleaner’ Trucks a Direct Result of Advanced Semi-Truck Parts Design

More trucks in the U.S. are becoming ‘cleaner,’ as opposed to the ones that roamed America’s major roads and highways decades ago, mainly due to the continued advancement of semi-truck parts design. As AutoBlog Green’s Danny King notes in his article: “When it comes to diesel trucks, the good old days weren’t so good. Go back a quarter century, for instance. Back then, a singe diesel-powered truck was throwing off about 60 times the emissions a typical ‘clean diesel’ truck goes today.” Continue reading

Why Old, Leaking Pipes Must Be Replaced with Flexible Exhaust Tubing

There’s probably not one truck owner and/or driver in the world who doesn’t know about the health-related dangers of vehicle exhaust fumes. These fumes can find their way from leaking pipes and into the interior of the truck at any time, and if not patched up or replaced with quality flexible exhaust tubing or pipes, can lead to serious consequences. Continue reading

The E-Track System and Other Means of Securing Cargo inside Trucks

Transporting cargo can be a pretty tough job—hauling heavy items over vast distances while ensuring that no damage comes to the merchandise isn’t exactly a short order in the job description. This is why many companies like Global Parts Inc. have taken to selling truck/trailer equipment and accessories that serve to make hauling safer and more efficient. Continue reading

Important Trailer Road Safety Facts: All about LED Trailer Lights

By law you can’t travel anywhere in the US while towing a trailer unless your trailer is set up with the proper brake lights and turn signals. This is because without these lights, it becomes a hazard to your fellow motorists on the road. However, lights in vehicles can burn out rather quickly, thus it’s important that you should routinely inspect your trusty LED trailer lights and its wirings and connections. Continue reading