Why Snow Chains Are Important for Winter Driving


If you’re driving in an area where there is a significant amount of snowfall and icy conditions in the winter, investing in snow chains might be a good idea. They could provide you that peace of mind knowing you will arrive safely at your destination, plus there might be areas that are regulated and require drivers to use them. Global Parts, Inc. is committed to providing you with heavy duty truck accessories to ensure that you always have what you need, and we have a variety of snow chains available to get your truck ready for winter.

Why Use Snow Chains?

Snow chains offer drivers a degree of safety. When roads are compacted with heavy snow and ice, it can be dangerous for you to drive on them. But if you need to use the road to get to work or whatever reason, snow chains can help you drive safely over them. The chains attach to the wheels to provide maximum traction while driving over the snow and/or ice. Drivers will still have to proceed cautiously — driving too fast can still cause them to lose control of their vehicle, but the snow chains should help keep the car steady and moving forward when driving slowly. If you are hauling a trailer, it might be beneficial to have snow chains on trailer tires, too.

Types of Snow Chains

There are several different types of snow chains on the market. This includes the AutoSock, which is fabric-based, easy grip composite snow chains, low-profile snow chains, as well as winter traction aids. Each of them are going to help on snowy and icy roads, though some are going to provide a smoother and quieter ride than traditional chains.

There are also chains that do not require you to reach into the wheel well, making it easy to install in about two minutes or less.

You will want to compare the different snow chains based upon the kind of vehicle you have as well is what kinds of conditions you are going to be driving in on a regular basis.

Determine Whether You Need One Set or Two Sets of Snow Chains

Tips on Using Snow Chains

When you are going to install snow chains on your car or truck, you want to make sure you follow the handbook. Make sure that you purchase ones that are designed for your wheel size. You also need to determine whether you are going to get one set or two, and this is determined based upon the conditions you are going to be driving in, as well as what kind of vehicle you have. A four-wheel-drive vehicle should always have two pairs — so that all four wheels are fitted. If you are only going to get one pair, front-wheel-drive should have it installed on the front wheels while rear wheel drive should have it installed on the rear wheels.

A best practice when driving with snow chains on is to turn off traction control. You also want to make sure that you drive gently and slow down. You should generally not exceed more than 30 mph once you have the chains on. You might also want to stop after having driven a short distance so that you can adjust the tension.

If you have other questions on snow chains or heavy duty truck parts, contact Global Parts Inc; we can answer your questions and provide technical help. We have several warehouses in Georgia, Florida and Kentucky, and we ship free to the lower 48 states. Right now we have a special promotion for 10 percent off all snow chains. To redeem, use the code “SAFEDRIVER” at checkout.

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Truck Driving Safety: Driver Fatigue

Truck Driving Safety: Driver Fatigue

Driving a big rig comes with quite a load of responsibility. After all, your vehicle is likely the biggest and heaviest on the road. This means it is essential you take certain safety precautions in order to ensure your safety at all times, and that includes the safety of other drivers. Believe it or not, the most deadly and dangerous part of driving a truck is fatigue.

Understanding Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue occurs when a driver’s ability to safely drive is diminished due to being mentally or physically tired. This poses a significant threat to other drivers on the road, especially when you are operating a big rig. The primary causes of “drowsy driving” include too little sleep, driving during hours when you would typically be asleep, and staying awake for long periods of time.

How Big of an Issue is Drowsy Driving?

Estimates have shown that big rigs make up about 4 percent of all vehicles on the road at any time. Although this is a relatively small number, these same trucks are involved in about 11 percent of the total crashes, with at least one resulting in a fatality. Typical 18-wheelers weigh 60,000 to 80,000 pounds, whereas a traditional truck or car weighs between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds. This huge size difference is a clear reason why accidents that involve 18-wheelers can be far more deadly.

The numbers related to driver fatigue are also quite troubling. It is estimated that about 30 to 40 percent of all crashes that involve a big rig are, in part, the result of driver fatigue. Also, driver fatigue has been cited as the primary cause of about 13 percent of all 18-wheeler-related deaths.

Driver Fatigue Fast Facts

Why Driver Fatigue is Such a Prevalent Issue

There are quite a few reasons why big rig drivers become fatigued. However, the most common reason is because of the actual industry. In a number of situations, the amount of money drivers make is directly based on how quickly they are able to deliver their loads. This creates a financial incentive for drivers to continue driving even after they become fatigued.

Battling Fatigue on the Road

One of the best ways to prevent fatigue is to get plenty of sleep. There are actual laws in place that regulate the amount of time a driver can be on the road without sleep. This is to safeguard everyone, including the driver and other drivers on the road. In addition to getting plenty of sleep, you should eat right and avoid medicines or other substances that can cause drowsiness.

When it comes to staying safe on the road, taking precautions is essential. Stay tuned for the next part of this two-part series, which focuses on various hazards and safety precautions to keep in mind while on the road.

Global Parts, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that you are safe while on the road. We have the parts and components to ensure that your truck continues operating at maximum efficiency. If you need any type of part, including refrigerant, you need to contact us today. We offer a discount of 10 percent on our refrigerant during the summer months. If you order from our website, you can get 10 percent off your refrigerant purchase with the code “BeatTheHeat.”

Picking A Truck Or RV Mattress

Picking A Truck Or RV Mattress

If you’re in the market for heavy-duty truck accessories, a mattress is most likely on the list. When traveling long distances in a truck or recreational vehicle, it’s basically a requirement. Is your truck or RV equipped with an appropriate mattress for the job?

Truck Mattresses

Is your truck equipped properly for a long haul? A good mattress should be installed for the comfort and safety of the driver on long road trips. This makes it much more convenient to properly sleep when stopped in a rest area. Truck mattresses come in various sizes to accommodate a multitude of vehicles. Imagine how much more comfortable you (or the driver, if it isn’t you) will be with a mattress especially built for this purpose. When it comes to heavy-duty truck accessories, this is so high on the list because it saves on hotel bills and helps keep the driver well-rested, which is extremely important for safety.

RV Mattresses

RV Mattresses

When preparing your RV for a long trip, be sure the mattresses are sturdy and comfortable. They also need to be the right kind of mattress for the purpose. An RV usually has mattresses in a variety of places, with some folding into other items. Be sure you’ve checked all of them before heading off. RV mattresses come in several sizes so that they can be easily replaced, if necessary. Whether you’re building a new RV or replacing mattresses in an older one, you should be able to find what you need. Consider the number of people who would possibly accompany you on the trip, and make sure there are enough sleeping areas for everyone. It’s best to purchase these at a retailer that sells heavy-duty truck accessories and RV supplies, as these dealers specialize in this type of mattress.

Convenience and Importance of Mattresses in a Truck or RV

Did you know that truckers sleep and drive better when they have a good mattress? It’s obviously more economical to make sure truck and RV mattresses are replaced as needed than it is to shell out money for good hotel rooms on every single trip. This would get quite costly for those who run large fleets of trucks. However, at just a fraction of that cost, you can replace all of the mattresses in your fleet and ensure that your drivers are happy. This is true whether you have one truck or RV or hundreds. Don’t be afraid to ask your drivers whether the mattresses they use are still comfortable. Happy and comfortable drivers are safer drivers, which is important to your bottom line as well as to theirs.

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A Clean Exhaust is a Happy Exhaust

A Clean Exhaust is A Happy Exhaust

A Clean Exhaust is a Happy Exhaust

Often car owners and drivers focus more attention on the car engine with respect to repairs and needed maintenance. The result is they fail to pay attention to other needs of their vehicle including the very important exhaust system. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to realize their exhaust system is so critically important for the life and smooth function of their vehicle. Your exhaust system affects the performance of your vehicle in many ways, including how your vehicle sounds, its horsepower output, and its fuel economy. The power source of your vehicle comes directly from the igniting action of air and fuel combustion in the combustion chambers. Considering its functions, it’s evident that your exhaust system plays a critical role in the level of performance of your vehicle at all times.

Understanding Your Exhaust System

There are many ways to keep your vehicle exhaust system in top condition at all times. The following exhaust component parts need to be checked to make sure they are functioning at optimum levels all the time.

  • Exhaust Manifold: This part is linked and attached to the cylinder head of your engine. It is made of either steel or stainless aluminum. It helps to merge each cylinder of the engine into one pipe. Make sure there are no leakages all around the exhaust manifold.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Some newer vehicles come with the oxygen sensor mounted on or close to your exhaust manifold, which serves to measure the level of oxygen available in your exhaust system. Through this process the exhaust system makes sure the needed level of oxygen is maintained for maximum fuel economy in your vehicle.
  • Catalytic Converter: This is an important exhaust system component which helps to convert harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and other gases into hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The catalytic converter is placed on or near the exhaust manifold or your muffler.
  • Muffler: The muffler is used to reduce sound levels to appropriate levels. The combustion process involves a series of explosive actions, producing lots of noise in the process. The muffler helps to control such noise.
  • Exhaust Pipe: The exhaust pipe helps to direct the produced gases out into the atmosphere. It is made of steel or stainless steel.

Oxygen Sensors

Benefits of Proper Exhaust System Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a clean exhaust system will undoubtedly help improve the life and performance of your vehicle. It is also important to use high quality parts to replace your bad or damaged exhaust system. Global Parts is the leading supplier for new semi truck parts, semi trailer, led trailer lights, e track accessories, and other maintenance auto parts and items. We have branches in Atlanta, Georgia; Ringgold, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Louisville, Kentucky. We offer competitive pricing and have great customer friendly service professionals to assist you with your needs.

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Beat the Summer Heat with Global Parts, Inc.

Beat the Summer Heat

Top Notch AC Parts When You Need Them

The summer heat is on its way. It’s time to get your truck ready with high-quality cooling and air conditioning products from Global Parts, Inc. We carry all the finest AC components from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. When you shop with us, you’re guaranteed to find the parts you need to beat the heat whether you’re looking for compressors, clutches, blower motors, condensers, expansion valves, filters, evaporators, condensers, or AC tools—we’ve got it all and more!

Prepare Your Truck for Summer

Nothing wears out your truck faster than summer heat, dust, and the hard driving you’ll do during this demanding season. And after a tough, cold season, chances are your vehicle is close to a critical breakdown. Minimize the odds of mechanical failure by refitting the right systems with the right parts and fluids.

Tire Pressure – It’s not trivial. Make sure your tires are properly and evenly inflated and free of wear.

Batteries – These can easily be overlooked after the winter season. But summer heat is harder on your battery than any other seasonal demands. Make sure your terminals are clean and your electrolyte levels are correct.

Air Conditioning – Above all, when it comes to coping with the heat, you’ve got to replenish your refrigerant. It’s the first thing to check off on an A/C maintenance list, and the first thing forgotten as we head into the summer months. Take advantage of GP, Inc.’s special May markdown on A/C tools and refrigerant.

Summer Maintenance

Use our “Beattheheat” coupon code, good through August 31, for the best deals of the year on A/C parts and fluids.

Call on the Professionals

Experienced drivers know summer heat can put a major damper on your productivity. After you’ve loaded up and are ready to haul, jumping into the cab should be a pleasure, not another chore. Let us show you what great parts, award winning customer service, and expert advice can do for your truck or fleet with a new truck air conditioning system. We’re confident that once you experience the GP difference you’ll come back to us for all your trucking needs.

Global Parts, Inc., is a leading supplier of top-quality heavy duty truck and trailer parts and accessories. Our mission is to earn your loyalty by providing a lifetime of service and high-end products. We want to help you get the parts and equipment you need to beat the summer heat to the punch!

Get in touch today at any of our five locations, or send our professionals an email with your questions and find our why Global Parts, Inc., is the best fit for your trucking needs.

Meeting Reflective Tape Requirements the Right Way the First Time


Transportation reflective tape or trailer tape is not designed for decorative interests; it’s a required adhesive product that needs to be applied on all commercial vehicles for the purposes of safety and mistake-free transportation. This tape is fundamental to safe travel, particularly at night or under conditions where visibility is poor at a distance, such as in fog or cloudy days. By utilizing the light already given off from oncoming vehicles, reflective tape shines that light back at the driver with a specific shape and color. The obvious brightness makes it apparent to the oncoming driver that there is a vehicle in the near future that needs to be avoided. And that can be critical when the road has poor traction surface or traffic is moving extremely fast with only seconds to adjust direction.

At a minimum, the federal government requires that commercial transport vehicles be marked with a two-inch wide reflective tape strip on the rear of the vehicle, as well as 50 percent of every side. This is to ensure that the truck can be seen from any angle. Further, the tape has to have an alternating pattern so that it can’t be mistaken for some other kind of light in the distance. Further, additional striping needs to be on the rear of the vehicle, creating a double row effect along with corner marking on the top corners of the truck trailer.

credit: flyer

These markings are required of all commercial trailers on U.S. public roads—even government vehicles have to be marked, such as fire trucks and heavy equipment units like cranes. One of the number one causes of fatal accidents in poor visibility conditions is drivers not being able to see large vehicles quickly coming up when traveling fast. The reflective tape is designed to make such vehicles extremely obvious, even in hard rain and fog and at night. However, the material is not perfect and can wear down. So, truck driver and operators are also required to maintain the appearance of the tape with replacement sections as necessary.

GP Inc. is your source for commercial grade automotive reflective tape with all the necessary alternating patterns and chevrons needed to meet transport regulations, including unique needs for special equipment and related truck accessories. There’s no need to try and botch something together from the local hardware or auto store. Order from GP Inc. and get the right product the first time without mistake. Their staff is well-versed on national road reflection rules and can advise on placement and application as well. Why go with less and take a gamble for an unnecessary traffic ticket? Avoid hassle assure yourself safe and efficient travel by meeting reflective tape requirements. To find out more or to order GP Inc. products, click here.


The Core Benefits of an E-Track Locking System


One of the worst things that can happen to a shipment is mid-route movement. Product or packages that move around unexpectedly cause damages, which prevent customer satisfaction and cause a loss for your business. Losses due to movement damages don’t just cost the company revenue, but its reputation also suffers, and that can be far more expensive in the long run.

Unfortunately, the science of locking down product and pallets has not kept pace with plenty of other transport tools, like digital tracking, for example. Instead, there is still the reliance on basic wall rails, floor hooks, tie-downs, and brackets. They don’t evoke a great level of confidence, especially when considering the fact that rope stretches and expands, straps pull lose, and chain damages anything it’s pulled against.

The E-Track system from Global Parts Inc. is an evolutionary jump forward—a number of generations forward. The system starts with 5 foot long tracks that lay into the floor of the transport. This is the backbone of the magic because, right from the start, it allows a user to have a customized sizing of hold-downs versus having to deal with a standard set of connection points. With each bracket in the track being 1/8th of an inch thick, there is plenty of metal to lock into with straps and hooks, and the rectangular cavities in the track make it extremely easy to connect multiple hooks on the same section as well. This, in turn, allows for better, more reliable holdings and less movement of packages and pallets.

Even more advantageous, the E-Track system is not limited to just standard lengths. Instead, these tracks can be sized to custom lengths and needs for all types of transports. Whether it be a triple-length stakeside or a basic box wagon, there’s an ability to size every track to every vehicle and trailer.

And if appearances are an issue, the E-Track system can be purchased in regular galvanized steel that won’t show rust signs, or it can be powder coated to offset the color or match the color of your vehicle. The unit is the best of both worlds in terms of function as well as aesthetics.

Further, the performance level of the E-Track rails is, bar none, the best. These units can keep the heaviest of loads in place and maintain flexible or spongy-type loads as well. These tracks don’t buckle with age or time. They stay solid on a persistent level and keep functioning day after day, mile after mile. Given all the benefits these E-Track rails offer, why would anyone consider anything else?

Global Parts Inc. is a full dealer and provider of E-Track rails, tracks, truck parts, and truck accessories. Global Parts carries all the necessary components and has staff experts to advise and guide how to put together an E-Track system just right. Don’t settle for cheap connections. Protect your product from day one of transport.


Cargo Safety Considerations


Safety and security issues have always been important to those in the cargo and freight industry. However, it has been more recently that cargo security and the physical security of drivers has become a huge issue. It is often overlooked that the measures which will ensure a cargo load does not endanger the lives of pedestrians or other drivers are the same measures which will make it difficult for criminals to make theft of the cargo. A safely loaded truck is also a more securely loaded truck.

A safely and securely loaded truck, however, does take greater time and investment on the part of the company and on the part of the driver. Both must be willing to invest the money (company) and time (driver). To overlook necessary steps is to put the driver in danger, the cargo in danger, and innocent bystanders or drivers in danger as well.

In addition to these two important considerations it should also be noted that, when a load is not secured safely, it can also result in damaged goods. This is bad for everyone involved: the driver, the company, and the end customer.

When you or your company consistently delivers safe cargo loads with no damage, your customers will know you are a company that can be trusted. Drivers, too, can expect to have a continued great track record with their employer when they put safety and security first.

First Steps to Security

Securement starts with making sure that your trailer is safe and clean. Drivers should always complete a checklist before each load is put into their truck. This is a great way to tell if there are problems ahead of time. The checklist should go from front to back and include every detail of the truck and trailer.

Damage is usually caused by a communication issue between the driver and the person operating the forklift. While loading cargo, you should be diligent to make sure that the forklift does not inflict any damage to the cargo. A driver has many responsibilities other than simply driving the cargo to its destination. You are to look out for possible hazards and complete inspections of the load before and after arriving at your destination to ensure that no damage to the cargo was sustained. Remember the cargo is your responsibility until delivery.

Federal Regulations

Cargo safety and transportation is regulated by the federal government in order to protect drivers, companies, customers, and others that might come into contact with the cargo. It is necessary to evenly distribute and secure all loads. It is necessary to have all equipment and heavy duty truck parts on hand to accomplish a secure loading. It is also required that the cargo not interfere with your view in front or on both sides while you are driving and that the cargo not interfere in any way with your movements as to hinder you in an emergency.

Top 10 Uses For Chrome On Your Rig

Chrome is used in countless ways, whether it is a sink in a kitchen, the pipes in a bathroom, or even chrome plated lights in a showroom. However, as we have said time and time again, the best use for chrome is when it involves our trucks. So we decided to sit down and debate over what the best uses for chrome were when it came to making our trucks stick out from the standard fleets. After a few hours we decided that it didn’t really matter where or what you had on your truck, as long as it was chrome, we loved it. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

10. Nut and Bolt Covers

9. Dash Toggles and Switches

8. License Plate and Tag Frames

7. Interior Visors

6. Hood Ornaments

5. Light Panels

4. Air Horns

3. Fenders

2. Wheels

1. Grilles

New Cleaner Trucks for 2010 Being Produced Now!

Things aren’t looking too terrible for this year’s truck sales, especially after hearing that Volvo Trucks North America released statements regarding the production plans of their new 2010 Trucks. Release dates will be the fall of this year, but Volvo is already taking orders for these trucks, with Navistar and Mack ready for production as well. “These trucks will be initial production trucks, not prototypes or test models”, says a representative from VTNA. These trucks will be different from this year’s model in a very important way.
The major improvement will be the introduction of “selective catalytic reduction” technology which will be installed to meet the EPA’s 2010 regulations. These regulations call for a great reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. This technology (at least for Volvo) will carry a $9,600 surcharge per truck, but the benefits will far outweigh the cost. Engine warranties will be extended from 2 years or 250,000 miles to 3 years or 300,000 miles.
After looking through the sales numbers from the past few years, this all seems like pretty good news. 2006 had the most sales in history of Class 8 trucks, but within two years those numbers were more than cut in half. All in all these new trucks will be much safer for the environment, and as we can see, companies are already preordering them willing to pay the surcharge so that they can boast about working with the technology first.

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