Day lights, Hella Driving Lights Could Help Save Lives on the Road

Shaun Stille

Daytime Driving Lights

Switzerland has a relatively low vehicular hazard rate, and their government would like to keep it that way. By fully implementing a rule regarding the use of headlights during the daytime, they aim to further minimize the numbers of accidents caused by car collisions on the road. According to an article in The Local:

Daytime Driving

“The new measure, taking effect on January 1st, is part of the department of transport’s “Via Secura” plan, which aims to improve safety on Swiss roads. Keeping headlights on is expected to reduce serious accidents by making motor vehicles more visible. It is already obligatory to drive with lights on during the daytime in many parts of Europe, including all Scandinavian countries and Iceland. The European Commission mandated that all new cars and small vans produced in factories in Europe as of February 2011 were to be equipped with daytime running lights that automatically switch on when the engine starts.”

For now, only a few variety of cars are exempted from this new policy, most of them being of older make and model. However, this is still not final as it is still under review if it could be possible to outfit these with day lights as well.

Motor accidents happens every day, anytime, anywhere. This is why car technology has relentlessly pursued the development of vehicles that promote road safety. Car lights are an important element in a vehicle as this aids the driver to see his surroundings clearly. Day lights could help in foggy or rainy weather, while LED Lights, such as the Hella 500 Black Magic could do wonders at night, shining so brightly it’s as if it’s daytime on the road.

Car lights are just one of the many other components that should be ensured to be working properly before anyone hits the road. Vehicle owners, whether in Europe or in the Americas, could use some help getting supplies for day lights and Hella driving lights with reputable car parts providers like Global Parts, Inc.

(Source: Daytime driving without lights to be outlawed, The Local., 04. Dec, 2013)

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