Trucking Efficiency & Growth Within Reach with Reliable E Track Straps

Shaun Stille

Trailer orders are up, according to an article from Truck News published in March. The article highlighted the findings of a recent study conducted by Americas Commercial Transportation Research (ACT Reasearch), a distinguished publisher of commercial vehicle data:

Trailer orders were strong in February, with 29,947 orders placed after cancellations.

ACT Research reported the latest numbers in its State of the Industry: US Trailers report.

“Net orders were up 17% sequentially and up 68% from the same month last year,” said Frank Maly, director, CV transportation analysis and research at ACT.

Concerning backlogs, Maly noted that the industry order board is now at the highest level since August 2006.

“While dry vans were the driving force in the 11% month-over-month total industry gain, strength was widespread. Seven of 10 trailer categories were up month-over-month,” he said. February production surged compared to a weather-impacted January, ACT reported.

The article brings to light the positive outlook of the trucking industry, which appears to have bounced back from the recession that hit them in the past years. The demand for trailers is now at their highest in almost 10 years. Continuing growth in trailer sales will mean that more trucks will need more serviceable tools and component parts for systems to keep them operating safely and efficiently on the road.

Trucking Efficiency & Growth Within Reach with Reliable E Track Straps

As sales for commercial trailers and trucks increase, the demand for secure methods to transport goods also increases. For instance, some newer models of truck beds and trailers have built-in e track systems to move things easily. The system is also secured with sturdy e track straps to hold down cargo, equipment, and even vehicles during transport. Handlers should be mindful of the cargo weight that will be carried in the truck because different straps can hold down a certain amount of weight.

Besides e-track straps, the system also utilizes various types of e track accessories to suit the heavy-duty needs and requirements of cargo transport. Each accessory has unique tensile strengths to match the weight of the items, as well as connecting components to link them to other attachments. Some accessories, such as the wood beam holder, can separate sections of the trailer to restrict movement of the items during transit.

(Source: Trailer demand stays strong through February, Truck News, 23 March 2014)

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