E Track Straps: A Utility Trailer Must-Have for Securing Equipment

Shaun Stille

Cargo Trailer E track Straps

Constantly renting utility trailers for any purpose is tiring, not to mention costly. On the other hand, having your own either through building or buying one can be beneficial in many ways. One advantage is your utility trailer can be made for the specific purpose it will be used for. It can also be custom-fitted with specific E Track straps to secure your equipment during travel.

Cargo Trailer

It is advisable to add this to a trailer system just like what’s recommended in this article on Jeff-Z.com:

“First thing I did was buy a spare tire to hopefully pacify Murphy’s Law. Next I installed an “E-Track” cargo restraining system (check your local trailer or RV supply store). I got four 10′ sections. I mounted one high and one low on each side. I cut out 5″ sections of the vertical battens so the E-Track fits flush along the wall. I used 12×1″ self-tapping screws to secure the E-Track to the steel wall frame members, which are about 24″ on center.”

E Track systems provide security to whatever it is you’re transporting by tying and strapping down your cargo. They are simple, heavy duty, steel fittings designed for a special track that are built for strength.

All E track accessories can easily fit the track so no gear change would be required when you are replacing the kind of cargo you carry. You just need to change the fitting, which are marked with workload limit and breaking strength, and you’re good to go. The track can also be used to fit conventional straps that you may already own.

The ways a utility trailer can benefit you are endless especially if fitted with an E track system, making for good investments. There are also several E Track accessories, each having a specific purpose in helping you secure and haul different kinds of cargo.

(Source: Haulmark Cargo Trailer, Jeff-Z.com)

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