Sturdy E-Track Accessories and Other Ways to Securely Transport an ATV

Shaun Stille

If you have recently purchased your first ATV, you probably can’t wait to take it out for a spin. Before you go, you need to know the safety rules regarding ATVs. One important rule concerns the transport of the vehicle. An article from How Stuff Works explains further:

“There’s one not-so-little detail, however, that you must attend to in order to stay legal, safe and sane. That detail: transporting your ATV to and from the trail. Since riding an ATV on public streets is illegal in most communities (and with so many inattentive car drivers, it’s just not a good idea), you’ll have to tow it to the trail.”

Seeing as you’ll have to tow your ATV to the trail, you need to purchase (or craft) a trailer. However, a trailer alone is not enough to keep your ATV safe on your trip. So, here are a few other things you’ll need to keep your shiny new “toy” safe and sound:

Sturdy E-Track Accessories and Other Ways to Securely Transport an ATV


The thing about trailers is that the weight of the load it carries needs to be evenly distributed; if not, there is a good chance that the trailer will topple over and damage both your car and your ATV. You, then, need to secure your ATV properly.

Bungee cords aren’t enough to secure your ATV to the trailer floor. You’ll need the help of a reliable E-track system to keep your ATV from shifting around.

Breakaway Chains

Trailers carrying ATVs run the risk of detaching because of the substantial weight of the vehicle, especially in areas with frequent turns. You can prevent detaching accidents by installing breakaway chains that add extra connection points between your trailer and your car. These chains are highly recommended for DIY trailers.


The last thing you want to happen is to make a stopover and come back to an empty trailer. Keep your ATV safe by purchasing an extra alarm.

You’ve spent a lot of money to acquire an ATV, you should treat it like an investment, especially when towing it from your home to the trail and back. If you need to purchase E-track accessories and other safety gear, be sure to only deal with reputable suppliers like Global Parts, Inc.

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