Upgrade Your Trucks with LED Trailer Lights for Energy Efficiency

Shaun Stille

A semi-truck with a long trailer is a blessing to long-haul drivers, but these drivers need efficient lighting like LED-based systems to guide them on their way. TruckNews sheds light on one company that has made a giant step in that regard:

“Volvo Trucks has made in-cab LED lighting standard on all vehicles, and is offering LED headlamps on its VNL and VNX models.

Volvo says the LED interior lights and headlamps consume one-eighth the energy required by standard incandescent bulbs and are designed to deliver a significantly longer life.

The headlamps, designed by Truck-Lite, improve nighttime visibility through an expanded beam pattern and provide daylight-type light colouring, Volvo says.”

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have long made a difference in various home appliances as energy savers because they do not require a higher voltage to generate light. The same results may be expected in the trucking industry, particularly when long distances require the vehicles to be at peak performance to bring assigned goods to the destination on time. Of course, new trucks are not the only ones that have to take over the LED spotlight; if you have an older rig, consider getting quality LED trailer lights and headlamps through truck parts suppliers such as Global Parts Inc.

Upgrade Your Trucks with LED Trailer Lights for Energy Efficiency

Some lighting manufacturers have been successful with their LED systems and are now being tapped to do custom fixtures for a number of truck manufacturers like Volvo. The new lights’ housings are essentially the same as the OEM units, except for the LED light arrangement and the associated circuitry. A stock headlamp may have a single halogen bulb with beam angle support, while an LED headlamp might sport several LEDs of lower voltage but have better luminescence when combined.

The LED array for a truck does not necessarily have to be limited to the front. Aside from the trailer lights, you may add new LED marker lights to the trailer. However, you can consider enlisting an auto electrician to reconcile the voltage issues and heat shrink, as well as to properly link the lighting and brakes with the truck.

The benefits of upgrading your truck’s lighting with LEDs can be evident as soon as you flick the switch. Aside from having brighter luminescence, the lights’ lower voltage means reduced battery consumption, plus longer reach. Other drivers will not have glare problems as well.

An LED upgrade for your trucks, with the support of parts providers like Global Parts Inc., is necessary to improve your trucking business.

(Source: Volvo shifts toward LED lighting, Truck News, 19 Feb 2014)

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