LED Versus Incandescent Lighting


Incandescent light has been an option for over one hundred years––ever since Thomas Edison first invented his light bulb. It has lit the way home for drivers on America’s roadways since 1912, thanks to the manufacturers of Cadillac, who were the first to develop a sustainable, shock-resistant headlamp version that ran on electricity.

But times are changing and with change comes innovation. Incandescent Tungsten Halogen lighting has enjoyed its day in the spotlight, but it’s quickly being overshadowed by the increased efficiency of LED.

LED, or light-emitting diode, headlamps can easily last the life of your truck––a nice improvement over the roughly 60,000 miles you’re likely to get from your incandescent lamps.

LEDs are More Efficient

In addition to the increased life that they offer, LEDs come with much higher efficiency. Incandescent bulbs burn hot––so hot, in fact, that nearly 90 percent of the energy generated by this type of bulb occurs in the form of heat as opposed to light.

LED lamps, on the other hand, burn much cooler. The light from this type of lamp is generated by electrical current as it moves across the diodes of a chip. According to Doug Bonderud, writing for Angie’s List, LED light is perfect for vehicle headlamps because it’s directional, as opposed to diffused. LED lamps provide excellent illumination for even the darkest drives home.

LEDs are Better for the Environment

Because they last so much longer and are nearly impervious to breakage, far fewer LED vehicle headlamps end up taking space in America’s landfills. This type of light also emits very few ultra-violet rays into the environment, making them nearly invisible to bugs and insects and a vast improvement over incandescent bulbs.

LEDs Provide Better Illumination

LED lamps provide vastly superior reflection off road and highway signs and they illuminate a much wider radius than other types of headlamps. You’ll recognize this type of headlight in the trucks coming toward you at night––the light appears much whiter than the dim yellow arc cast by incandescent lamps.

These are only a few of the beneficial reasons for you to add LED headlamps to your list of heavy duty truck parts. If you haven’t experienced the advantages of this type of lighting on the road, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results: increased visibility, brighter reflection, longer life, and a cooler-burning headlamp all combine to make the drive home much safer and more enjoyable than it’s ever been.

Global Parts, Inc carries a comprehensive selection of LED headlamps, taillights, accent lights, and interior lighting for your truck. Once you make the switch to energy-efficient, long-life LED lights, you’ll never waste your time with incandescent lamps again.