Meeting Reflective Tape Requirements the Right Way the First Time


Transportation reflective tape or trailer tape is not designed for decorative interests; it’s a required adhesive product that needs to be applied on all commercial vehicles for the purposes of safety and mistake-free transportation. This tape is fundamental to safe travel, particularly at night or under conditions where visibility is poor at a distance, such as in fog or cloudy days. By utilizing the light already given off from oncoming vehicles, reflective tape shines that light back at the driver with a specific shape and color. The obvious brightness makes it apparent to the oncoming driver that there is a vehicle in the near future that needs to be avoided. And that can be critical when the road has poor traction surface or traffic is moving extremely fast with only seconds to adjust direction.

At a minimum, the federal government requires that commercial transport vehicles be marked with a two-inch wide reflective tape strip on the rear of the vehicle, as well as 50 percent of every side. This is to ensure that the truck can be seen from any angle. Further, the tape has to have an alternating pattern so that it can’t be mistaken for some other kind of light in the distance. Further, additional striping needs to be on the rear of the vehicle, creating a double row effect along with corner marking on the top corners of the truck trailer.

credit: flyer

These markings are required of all commercial trailers on U.S. public roads—even government vehicles have to be marked, such as fire trucks and heavy equipment units like cranes. One of the number one causes of fatal accidents in poor visibility conditions is drivers not being able to see large vehicles quickly coming up when traveling fast. The reflective tape is designed to make such vehicles extremely obvious, even in hard rain and fog and at night. However, the material is not perfect and can wear down. So, truck driver and operators are also required to maintain the appearance of the tape with replacement sections as necessary.

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