The Core Benefits of an E-Track Locking System


One of the worst things that can happen to a shipment is mid-route movement. Product or packages that move around unexpectedly cause damages, which prevent customer satisfaction and cause a loss for your business. Losses due to movement damages don’t just cost the company revenue, but its reputation also suffers, and that can be far more expensive in the long run.

Unfortunately, the science of locking down product and pallets has not kept pace with plenty of other transport tools, like digital tracking, for example. Instead, there is still the reliance on basic wall rails, floor hooks, tie-downs, and brackets. They don’t evoke a great level of confidence, especially when considering the fact that rope stretches and expands, straps pull lose, and chain damages anything it’s pulled against.

The E-Track system from Global Parts Inc. is an evolutionary jump forward—a number of generations forward. The system starts with 5 foot long tracks that lay into the floor of the transport. This is the backbone of the magic because, right from the start, it allows a user to have a customized sizing of hold-downs versus having to deal with a standard set of connection points. With each bracket in the track being 1/8th of an inch thick, there is plenty of metal to lock into with straps and hooks, and the rectangular cavities in the track make it extremely easy to connect multiple hooks on the same section as well. This, in turn, allows for better, more reliable holdings and less movement of packages and pallets.

Even more advantageous, the E-Track system is not limited to just standard lengths. Instead, these tracks can be sized to custom lengths and needs for all types of transports. Whether it be a triple-length stakeside or a basic box wagon, there’s an ability to size every track to every vehicle and trailer.

And if appearances are an issue, the E-Track system can be purchased in regular galvanized steel that won’t show rust signs, or it can be powder coated to offset the color or match the color of your vehicle. The unit is the best of both worlds in terms of function as well as aesthetics.

Further, the performance level of the E-Track rails is, bar none, the best. These units can keep the heaviest of loads in place and maintain flexible or spongy-type loads as well. These tracks don’t buckle with age or time. They stay solid on a persistent level and keep functioning day after day, mile after mile. Given all the benefits these E-Track rails offer, why would anyone consider anything else?

Global Parts Inc. is a full dealer and provider of E-Track rails, tracks, truck parts, and truck accessories. Global Parts carries all the necessary components and has staff experts to advise and guide how to put together an E-Track system just right. Don’t settle for cheap connections. Protect your product from day one of transport.