Cargo Safety Considerations

Shaun Stille


Safety and security issues have always been important to those in the cargo and freight industry. However, it has been more recently that cargo security and the physical security of drivers has become a huge issue. It is often overlooked that the measures which will ensure a cargo load does not endanger the lives of pedestrians or other drivers are the same measures which will make it difficult for criminals to make theft of the cargo. A safely loaded truck is also a more securely loaded truck.

A safely and securely loaded truck, however, does take greater time and investment on the part of the company and on the part of the driver. Both must be willing to invest the money (company) and time (driver). To overlook necessary steps is to put the driver in danger, the cargo in danger, and innocent bystanders or drivers in danger as well.

In addition to these two important considerations it should also be noted that, when a load is not secured safely, it can also result in damaged goods. This is bad for everyone involved: the driver, the company, and the end customer.

When you or your company consistently delivers safe cargo loads with no damage, your customers will know you are a company that can be trusted. Drivers, too, can expect to have a continued great track record with their employer when they put safety and security first.

First Steps to Security

Securement starts with making sure that your trailer is safe and clean. Drivers should always complete a checklist before each load is put into their truck. This is a great way to tell if there are problems ahead of time. The checklist should go from front to back and include every detail of the truck and trailer.

Damage is usually caused by a communication issue between the driver and the person operating the forklift. While loading cargo, you should be diligent to make sure that the forklift does not inflict any damage to the cargo. A driver has many responsibilities other than simply driving the cargo to its destination. You are to look out for possible hazards and complete inspections of the load before and after arriving at your destination to ensure that no damage to the cargo was sustained. Remember the cargo is your responsibility until delivery.

Federal Regulations

Cargo safety and transportation is regulated by the federal government in order to protect drivers, companies, customers, and others that might come into contact with the cargo. It is necessary to evenly distribute and secure all loads. It is necessary to have all equipment and heavy duty truck parts on hand to accomplish a secure loading. It is also required that the cargo not interfere with your view in front or on both sides while you are driving and that the cargo not interfere in any way with your movements as to hinder you in an emergency.

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