A Clean Exhaust is a Happy Exhaust

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A Clean Exhaust is A Happy Exhaust

A Clean Exhaust is a Happy Exhaust

Often car owners and drivers focus more attention on the car engine with respect to repairs and needed maintenance. The result is they fail to pay attention to other needs of their vehicle including the very important exhaust system. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to realize their exhaust system is so critically important for the life and smooth function of their vehicle. Your exhaust system affects the performance of your vehicle in many ways, including how your vehicle sounds, its horsepower output, and its fuel economy. The power source of your vehicle comes directly from the igniting action of air and fuel combustion in the combustion chambers. Considering its functions, it’s evident that your exhaust system plays a critical role in the level of performance of your vehicle at all times.

Understanding Your Exhaust System

There are many ways to keep your vehicle exhaust system in top condition at all times. The following exhaust component parts need to be checked to make sure they are functioning at optimum levels all the time.

  • Exhaust Manifold: This part is linked and attached to the cylinder head of your engine. It is made of either steel or stainless aluminum. It helps to merge each cylinder of the engine into one pipe. Make sure there are no leakages all around the exhaust manifold.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Some newer vehicles come with the oxygen sensor mounted on or close to your exhaust manifold, which serves to measure the level of oxygen available in your exhaust system. Through this process the exhaust system makes sure the needed level of oxygen is maintained for maximum fuel economy in your vehicle.
  • Catalytic Converter: This is an important exhaust system component which helps to convert harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and other gases into hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The catalytic converter is placed on or near the exhaust manifold or your muffler.
  • Muffler: The muffler is used to reduce sound levels to appropriate levels. The combustion process involves a series of explosive actions, producing lots of noise in the process. The muffler helps to control such noise.
  • Exhaust Pipe: The exhaust pipe helps to direct the produced gases out into the atmosphere. It is made of steel or stainless steel.

Oxygen Sensors

Benefits of Proper Exhaust System Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a clean exhaust system will undoubtedly help improve the life and performance of your vehicle. It is also important to use high quality parts to replace your bad or damaged exhaust system. Global Parts is the leading supplier for new semi truck parts, semi trailer, led trailer lights, e track accessories, and other maintenance auto parts and items. We have branches in Atlanta, Georgia; Ringgold, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Louisville, Kentucky. We offer competitive pricing and have great customer friendly service professionals to assist you with your needs.

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